Joshua McFadden

Hello. I grew up in Wisconsin, and somehow fell deeply in love with Italian food, farming and the seasons. I always thought I would be some sort of director, architect, industrial designer, musician or creative. It turns out through cooking and hospitality I get to touch on all of these things at times, and be a founding partner, chef-ownerconsultant, spirit guide, and author.

I wake up everyday excited to give hi-fives to strangers, and to make everything around me taste good, smell good, and be beautiful. I think Tom Petty may be the best rock and roller of all time and pink wine has no season and on occasion is real good with ice.


I've never turned in a report on time or one longer than three pages; but, somehow (with help from a few friends), I finished my first cookbook in May 2017, the James Beard Award-winning Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables from Artisan Books. It features 225 recipes about vegetables in their peak season. It isn't vegetarian because nobody should be far from a perfect cheeseburger.

Six Seasons is now available wherever books are sold, in stores and online, in stores ranging from Powell's to Barnes & Noble to Amazon.

Learn more about the book and me and check out some recent press and photos. I'm also previewing a few of my favorite recipes from Six Seasons right here

To celebrate the release of Six Seasons, I'll be traveling all over the country doing events at restaurants, farms, and other random places. Check the dates to see if I'm coming to your town! 

Eat well,


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